More Than A Pretty Face Gauri Singh.

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An exclusive interview with the stunning and fabulous model turned actor

Gauri you have modelled for big brands like Cox & kings, Ayur sunscreens, Skoda Octavia, Chevrolet Spark, Santoor hand wash, Bajaj Allianz etc., You have acted in TV serials like Akbar, Hamari Devrani, Meera, Adhikar , Chand ke paar, Kasak, Command force, Mahadev , Fear files Dar ki sacchi tasveerein to name a few. your have acted in Punjabi and Hindi films , Ik Jind Ik Jaan, Dil apna Punjabi, Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya, Desi Munda and The Hindi film Son of Sardar was one of your movies. You have shared screen space with big names like a Raj Babbar, Nagma, Harbhajan Maan, Kanwaljit Singh, Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Juhi Chawla 18 Punjabi music albums to your list, You are one of the busiest female actor in. TV screen.

Gauri let's rewind your life tell us what is your back story? Before becoming a model , How did you perceive the model industry?
Yeah...Let's rewind my life.. Ah...See the child like smile on my face...Always wanted to be a model but I never thought of becoming one in real. I used to watch ftv covertly and walk like those skinny models. I remember how I used to sneak moms sarees and dupattas and wrap them around my tiny body in front of the mirror and try to copy those poses. I knew my family would never allow but they never stopped me from doing such funny things believing it's just a kiddish act nothing to be worried about but soon my mom was damn worried about my doings ,and was wondering where this girl is going? Now This kiddo has started dancing too! All alone in her room, daily for hours and above all I started giving interviews in front of the mirror, oh god! My cousin's used to laugh a lot seeing me like this At the age of 14 I stopped having milk and other fatty products...Coz some girls at school told me that models don't consume such things that's why they are so skinny and my mom complained to their parents that theirkids are making me more insane. ( laughter)

What issues did you face to become a model? Was it difficult to join the industry? And when did your passion for modelling and acting merge?
Yes it was quite difficult to join the industry because I am from a conservative family and my mum was very strict at that time , but vo Kahate Hain Na "Kisi cheez ko shiddat se Chaho To zarra zarra Tumhein usse milane ki koshish Mein jut jata hai" same thing happened with me.. destiny paved the path towards my dreams and here I am, Giving an interview to you, pretty lady from FT.

My family wanted me to do civil engineering and join the family business . I Was running my own interiors firm in Punjab but I was never engrossed into that because my heart was somewhere else...Fortune smiled and I got a construction project in Pune...Me and my business partner were travelling to Pune but I stayed in Mumbai for 3- 4 days lady luck smiled to me, And He is settled in Pune but I on the contrary never made it to Pune as destiny had other plans for me.

Modelling sessions are often strenuous, One can expect tough days . What did you experience about the competition in this industry and the overall relationship model had with each other back then and how different is it now?

Well back then there was not much competition. I remember we all used to work like friends and work was fun more than a competition but nowadays competition is tough and it's inevitable too so I am taking it positively and my competition is with the person I was yesterday. when I am on ramp or in front of camera I never compete with anyone ...all are different and special in their own ways, .so I just try to give my 100 percent to the project or the character I am assigned to , so more than competition, work is still a joyful process of learning something new every day ,since I don't bother about the competition aspect.

We have often seen many Punjabi actors making cameos or debuts in Bollywood movies . How has this experience been? Tell us about this transition?
Well it's not about today ...Check the history of Bollywood ..Punjabi actors have always been a strong pillar of this industry...Dharam ji, Ranjit ji and many other superstars. I always feel proud whenever I see a new Punjabi face on silver screen in a prominent role. The .Industry values talent . it gives hope to all aspiring actors.

How different is it to act in a Punjabi movie and to act in a Hindi movie? What have you learned, observed from the script, the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?
As an actor I concentrate on my job , whether it's Bollywood or Pollywood. Teams are almost similar but yeah Bollywood has its own charm. Luckily I got to work with brilliant actors , script writers and directors in both the industries. Every project taught me something valuable and exalted my experience. Being Punjabi comedy and fun is my forte. So yeah I learned a lot from SON OF SARDAR. I learned to play subtle comedy from co actors and directors. The RAAVI show groomed that skill to another level. looking forward to do comedy projects in future too .

Of all the roles you have played in the past which is your favorite and what according to you is your greatest strength as an actor and your greatest achievement?
I believe the greatest achievement is when your audience Laughs and cry with you . I think that's .the best award and reward an actor can ever get. Am fortunate to have that connection with the audience by the grace of God.. MEERA gave me an opportunity to play such strong character, As an actor that project will always remain close to my heart. Pardes mein hai mera dil gave me the opportunity to portray an emotional character They say "main rulaati acha hoon" Now a days I'm trying to prove "main hasati bhi acha hoon".. As an actor my biggest strength are emotions

What sort of acting rules will you be seeking in the future what is your dream project?
Well the World needs laughter. So yeah I would prefer comedy projects. M dream project is to work with The king of comedy Akshay Kumar and Diljit Dosanjh and an emotional soul touching project with Ammy Virk.

My desire is to do meaningful roles, And I've not given up. Am Waiting and looking for good scripts with a positive message to society You had a dream and you didn't give up , Look how far you have come .

Tell us Gauri what is the Hardest part of being a celebrity and how have you used your success to bring goodness in the country?
The huge responsibility that the faith and love of your fans bring to you. One wrong move and you are finished. you have to be more selective and better at whatever project you do. Your current act must excel the previous one and the hardest part is the lack of true friends around you.
As an actor the only thing I can do and I've done for the betterment of society is to portray woman as a worth worshipping creation of God. I encourage woman empowerment and even most of my poems are about this fact only. I've never accepted any project demeaning women or promoting anti society stuff.

Has Stardom changed you?
Yes ofcourse stardom has changed me a lot but only for the better. I've become more responsible, humble and down to earth , coz it's the love of the fans that makes us a star. Without their love we are nothing. They love me and I try to prove myself worthy of their love. Stardom is a huge word I must say the love of the audience is making me a better person everyday.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
Ummm I live in the present only. My sole concentration is on making the present peaceful and dignified The only aim was, is and Will always be to live life on my terms and conditions. No matter where I will be in ten years from now peace and dignity should be there.

Your best acting advice is ?
My Best acting advice is not to act at all, Be natural. Feel every word of the script before delivering it as a dialogue, Just be natural.

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